American Plastination Company, previously known as Corcoran Laboratories, Inc., has been providing real human plastinated anatomical teaching aids to medical universities around the world for 20 years. The study of human anatomy has long been and continues to be essential for training future doctors, nurses, dentists and other medical professionals. At American Plastination Co. we do not sell human tissue. Upon requesting any plastinated anatomical teaching aids from us, and should we approve of that request, then the specimen(s) will be donated to that medical institute for the cost of plastinating/preserving the specimen(s). It will be the medical institute’s right to keep the specimen(s) indefinitely, but should the medical facility no longer wish to keep the plastinated specimen(s), then they must be returned to our laboratory for cremation.
American Plastination Company was established in May of 1996. The plastination process that is used was developed by Dow Corning of Midland, Michigan in the United States of America. American Plastination Company is the sole company to have these worldwide-patented rights. The plastination (polymer preservation) of anatomical teaching aids is the only product that American Plastination Co. produces. Our specimens are made to be handled by the classroom and are toxic-free, odorless and will last for many years. We are on the cutting edge of medical science in the field of providing permanently preserved teaching aids to medical schools for their students to study and learn from.
Our specimens come from Willed Body Programs in the United States of America. Donors donate their generous gift to the medical field for the sole purpose of helping educate our future generation of doctors and medical personnel. All donors are numbered, so that they can be traced at any time. These numbers are kept on file for each donor that is used from the willed body program. Both parties keep files on the donors. American Plastination Co. goes to great lengths to ensure our customers receive the best teaching aids in the world. With our state-of-the-art laboratory and our innovative plastination process proves no university is too big or too small to take advantage of our plastination services. American Plastination also offers custom dissected teaching aids to our customer’s specifications.