The study of human anatomy has long been and continues to be essential for training future doctors, nurses, dentists and other medical professionals. At The American Plastination Company we do not sell human tissue. Upon requesting any plastinated anatomical teaching aids from us, and should we approve that request, then the specimens will be donated to that medical institute for the cost of plastinating/preserving the specimens. It will be the medical institute’s right to keep the specimens indefinitely, but should the medical facility no longer wish to keep the plastinated specimens, then they must be returned to our laboratory for cremation.

Our specimens come from the willed body programs in the United States. Donors donate their generous gift to the medical field for the sole purpose of helping educate our future generation of doctors and medical personnel. All donors are given a donor identification number by the donor program, which is passed along to APC, so that they can be traced at any time. These numbers are kept on file for each donor that is used from the willed body program. The American Plastination Company goes to great lengths to ensure our customers receive the best teaching aids in the world. With our state-of-the-art laboratory and our innovative plastination process, no University is too big or too small to take advantage of our plastination services. The American Plastination Company also offers custom dissected teaching aids to our customer’s specifications.

Legality Questions

In some places, it is illegal to provide human tissue of any kind, whether it be plastinated or not. This is why APC goes to great lengths to ensure our customers that all of the donors provided to us have consented to be used for furthering the knowledge of medical professionals. With each donor provided to APC through willed body programs in the United States, we are given serology reports and donor demographics, which we can pass along to our customers upon request. For international orders, APC also provides a Certificate of Origin stamped and signed by our Chamber of Commerce to show that these teaching aids are produced and procured in the United States. However, there are companies you need to be aware of that will sell plastinated anatomical teaching aids illegally.  Due to their countries laws, they cannot sell human tissue of any kind. 

When purchasing plastinated specimens, whether it’s from APC or another company, you may want to request the following information to safeguard against a company that is illegally selling plastinated teaching aids:

1. Request for a Certificate of Origin, stamped and signed by their local authority.

2. Request for the Invoice and Packing slip be stamped and signed by their local authority.

3. Have a representative of your university/facility visit their laboratory.

4. Request that the company providing the plastinated teaching aids sign a document stating that they are able to do so and are not breaking any laws.

If you would like any additional information, please contact us.