The American Plastination Company Policy Terms and Conditions

These policies are in effect as of May 14, 1996.

  1. The American Plastination Company will be referred to as APC in these Terms and Conditions.

  2. APC does not sell human plastinated specimens. Upon requesting for any plastinated human specimens from APC, and should APC approve that request, then the specimen(s) will be donated to that medical facility for the cost of plastinating the specimen(s) along with company expenses. It will be the medical facility’s right to keep them for however long they deem necessary. Should the medical facility no longer wish to keep the plastinated specimen(s), then they should be returned to APC for cremation.

  3. The cost of preparing each plastinated specimen varies because of the size, weight, height, etc. of the specimen being plastinated. The cost the university receives covers tissue material, dissection, plastination chemicals, supplies, laboratory tools and equipment, coolers, freezers, insurance, lease of building, etc. The specimens themselves are free and donated to the university.

  4. The order process starts with the receipt of the prepayment. Once prepayment has been received, the order will start and tissue will be ordered. The remaining and final payment will be paid before the order is shipped. If other payment arrangements have been made then those will be reflected on the original quote/invoice.

  5. Should the customer cancel an order, for any reason whatsoever, they will automatically forfeit their prepayment. The reason for this is that once APC receives the order and prepayment, APC will already have time, material, dissecting, chemicals, etc. into the order. The tissue material CANNOT be returned and APC will have to cover costs for the storing and/or disposing of the material.

  6. All payment to APC MUST BE WIRE TRANSFERS, unless you are located in the United States, in which case APC will accept university checks. All charges will be on the invoice, including, but not limited to: shipping, special handling and special crating. ANY DISCOUNT ON ANY SPECIMEN(S) WILL BE AGREED UPON BEFORE INVOICING. There will be no additional discounts given once the quote from APC has been accepted.

  7. Should any plastinated specimen(s), from APC, be broken upon delivery, then the damaged plastinated specimen(s) will be replaced at no cost to the customer whatsoever.  The medical facility or distributor will have 3 (three) business days from the time the specimen(s) have been received to inspect, approve or disapprove the specimen(s), take pictures, and send them via email to APC for a new specimen approval.

  8. A quote of any kind is good for 30 days from the date on the price quote of the plastinated specimen(s) requested, unless stated otherwise on the quote, or if given an extension by APC in writing or email.

  9. Any changes to these policies can be made without notice.